Do you ever fight with your significant other about the best way to do the dishes? 

Well, if you answered yes, you're far from alone. 

According to dishwasher maker Bosch, more than 40 percent of U.S. couples say they argue about the correct way to load the dishes. 

The most common arguments? 

Whether to place knives facing up or down. (Answer: down)

And whether to put plastic containers on the top or bottom rack. (Answer: top)

According to the Wall Street Journal, some husbands and wives admit to sneaking into the kitchen (even mid-wash) and redoing their spouse's load.

Jessica Olstad, a public relations director in St. Paul, Minn., strives for perfection when she loads her family’s dishes and describes the end result as “liberating.”


Ms. Olstad says her husband, Jay, probably doesn’t know she rearranges the dishes after he loads them. “As much as we communicate with each other, I don’t know if I’ve ever told him this before,” she says.

Manufacturers say rinsing dishes beforehand is unnecessary, pointing out that you can end up using more water than it takes to run the dishwasher. 

They also recommend reading your dishwasher's manual, noting that consumers often have no idea about specific settings that can be helpful. 

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