A cigarette break may have saved a Texas boy’s life last week.

Courtney Best, who works at Papa Murphey’s in Corpus Christi, decided to take her smoke break in front of the pizza shop instead of going to the back, where she usually smokes.

While outside, she spotted a white Dodge Avenger that matched an Amber Alert that she had just seen on her phone.

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Best said that a man and little boy then got out of the car. She said the boy looked scared, but that she didn’t think he was the missing child.

Still, her gut told her she needed to act, so she got in her car and drove by the Avenger to check the license plate. Once she realized that the numbers matched with the Amber Alert, she called police.

Authorities arrested the suspect, Channing Galbraith, and returned 7-year old Nicholas Gomez to his home.

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