On "Shepard Smith Reporting," former State Department spokesman Adam Ereli reacted to reports that the fourth deadline in the ongoing Iranian nuclear talks will be missed and stated that the ever-extending deadlines have lost all meaning.

"The fact of the matter is the United States is negotiating away one of the most important defensive advantages we have, which is our technological arms advantage," Ereli said. "If we allow Iran to buy conventional weapons, then the only thing I can call this thing is a travesty."

"Deadlines have lost their meaning, because every time we have one, we break through it."

Despite U.S. leaders' claims that they are willing to walk away from the table, Ereli wondered how true that can be if they continue to ignore deadlines.

"What this deal boils down to now is a bet," Ereli stated. "The bet is in ten to 15 years from now, when this deal is over, Iran will not be in a position - either because the regime has changed or the international community has changed - to have nuclear weapons."

"I wouldn't take that bet."

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