Here's a feel-good story that sure to "move" you.

One New York City veteran has started a moving company, Veteran Movers NYC, and 17 of his 20 employees are fellow vets.

Jesse Gartman worked as a mover after his time in the Marines, which included a deployment to Iraq.

When he decided to launch his own business, he knew our nation's heroes would make the perfect employees.

"These vets say moving furniture in and out of apartments and homes is like the work they have done in the military," Laura Ingle reported on "America's News Headquarters." "They execute orders and use discipline to get the job done right and on time."

"Trust, integrity, little bit of muscle, foresight, intuition. These [are the] kinds of things that we were taught in the military," Gartman explained. "Discipline, responsibility, these kinds of things. These are very, very important to uphold such a high level of customer satisfaction."

Ingle reported that there are currently more than 459,000 unemployed vets in the U.S., and companies like Veteran Movers NYC aim to help them transition back into the civilian workforce.

Watch the "America's News Headquarters" report above and learn more about Veteran Movers NYC.

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