A little girl's plan to raise money went sour, thanks to a heartless thief.

Luckily, her story has a sweet ending.

Eight-year-old Akirah Nyberg built a lemonade stand with her father and planned to use the money to purchase her very first American Girl doll.

But after returning from a visit with her grandmother on Wednesday, Akirah discovered that the stand was missing.

Akirah and her mom, Tabitha Nyberg-Revoir, appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today and revealed that when the community found out about the theft, they decided to take action.

The local chapter of the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police, friends and family all chipped in to buy the little entrepreneur a new table, sugar, lemonade mix, cookies and doughnuts, cups, napkins and all the makings of a lemonade stand.

Tabitha added that her friends even set Akirah up with a Yelp page, so she's now a "professional" in the lemonade business.

Even better? Clayton Morris and Anna Kooiman said they will see to it that Akirah gets her first American Girl doll.

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

Watch the heartwarming "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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