What does it mean to be white?

That's what a new MTV documentary program called "White People" asks.

Hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas, "White People" examines the concept of white privilege and includes interviews with dozens of young white Americans about racial identity.

President of MTV Stephen Friedman issued a statement, saying, "We hope 'White People' will serve as a powerful conversation starter that encourages our audience to address racial bias."

Critics, on the other hand, are calling it a race-baiting exercise that is intended to publicly shame white people.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Anna Kooiman said that this documentary doesn't appear to be a good way to engage in a discussion about race. She suggested that a conversation about race has already been started by the incidents in Baltimore, Staten Island and Ferguson.

"But to shame white people for being white, which is what some say this show does, doesn't seem like it's the answer," Kooiman said.

"This is what elite higher education is doing right now," Pete Hegseth asserted. "'White privilege' is a huge code word [for] making white kids, whether they have any tie to anything, feel guilty about America's heritage, about their heritage, about the fact that they grew up white."

"Of course we need to address race. But how do we address race by being race mongers? And that's what I think we're seeing here."

The full 40-minute show airs on MTV on July 22.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above and watch a trailer for "White People" below.

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