Fox News legal analyst and real estate attorney Bob Massi took a look inside the former home of legendary Las Vegas casino boss Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal on the premiere episode of "Bob Massi is the Property Man."

Rosenthal, who inspired Robert De Niro's character in the film "Casino," secretly ran multiple Las Vegas casinos in the 1970s out of his home on the Las Vegas Country Club golf course.

Brian Burns, with Sotheby's International Realty, is the real estate agent who is selling Rosenthal's home. He gave Massi a special look inside this unique piece of Sin City history.

Burns revealed that the front doors and several doors in Rosenthal's house are bulletproof. "He was being chased by the mob and the FBI and everybody else," Burns explained.

Burns told Massi that the large window at the front of the home is also bulletproof and even bears the original bullet mark from a failed assassination attempt on Rosenthal.

"It's amazing, the way these guys lived," Massi remarked.

The living room still has original smoke-mirrored ceilings and walls, the original sunken bar and even original artwork commissioned by Rosenthal, Burns revealed.

The home also has original closets, including one with a hidden compartment, where Rosenthal hid his weapons.

Even the master bedroom and master bathroom are largely unchanged from when Rosenthal lived there. "The history is the biggest part of this home," Burns said. "It's a beautiful home, but the history behind it is what makes it so unique."

"It's a part of the history of Las Vegas. It will never be like it was," Massi pointed out. "And that's why whoever is interested in buying this, they're buying a very big part of the history of Las Vegas."

Get a full tour of Rosenthal's home in the video above and see Massi speak to a family about their homeowners association nightmare below.

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