A Marine veteran who was injured while serving our country says he is being evicted because of his service dog.

Jon Jans and his family have lived in the Manchester Court apartment complex in suburban Chicago for four years. Last week, they were served an eviction notice.

Jans said this morning on “Fox and Friends” that his family is being kicked out because the apartment complex’s new management company doesn’t like his service dog, Alli.

Jans, who suffered serious brain injuries from a roadside bomb in Iraq, says Alli is a lifesaver, who has helped his health tremendously.

“Without this dog, I would be dead or in jail right now – I guarantee it,” he said.” She has saved my life several times.”

Jans explained that Alli helps him sleep, wakes him when he’s having “action dreams,” and can detect seizures and blackouts. For years, Jans said he didn’t go out because he was terrified of large groups, but Alli has helped him overcome that.

The management company claimed that the family isn’t clean and said in a statement that “this Jans family continued to let their dog out unleashed and unsupervised.”

But Jans refuted those claims, insisting that his family is clean and that Alli wears an electronic collar, which satisfies the leash law. Jans said that while his daughter may have let the dog outside for a few hours, Alli never hurt anyone or did anything disruptive.

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