The parents of two young men who were gunned down by illegal immigrants were on “Hannity” last night, where they expressed their anger at the government for their children’s preventable deaths.

Anita Shaw’s 17-year-old son Jamiel (pictured below) was gunned down in 2008 by an illegal immigrant who had been released from jail the day before.

Pedro Espinoza, who was serving time for assault and battery of a police officer, mistook Jamiel for a gang member because the teen was carrying a red Spiderman backpack. Espinoza had been arrested five times as a juvenile, Sean Hannity noted.

Shaw expressed her anger at the government’s handling of illegal immigration.

“I’m very angry because it makes no sense. If we break the law by jaywalking or something, we get a ticket or we go to jail, all kinds of stuff. But if an illegal alien [does] something wrong, it’s alright – no problem,” she said.

Steve Ronnebeck said that his 21-year-old son Grant (pictured below) was killed by an illegal immigrant while working at a convenience store. Ronnebeck explained that his son was handing over a pack of cigarettes when Apolinar Altamirano shot him in the face.

Ronnebeck said that Altamirano had been arrested for a sexual crime and burglary, but pled his charges down to simple burglary and was sentenced to probation. Then, ICE released him on $10,000 bond.

“It’s absolutely abhorrent,” Ronnebeck said. “I just cannot even imagine why this is happening. It was preventable.”

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