On "Fox and Friends" today, we heard the amazing story of a beauty queen who has now become known as "Chief Sock Angel."

Erin Bertel, a wife, mother and now Mrs. North Dakota International winner, is making her mark alongside an organization called The Joy of Sox, which provides socks to the homeless.

Bertel's mission began after she and her family were forced from their flood-destroyed Fargo home. That left them moving from house to house, staying with friends and family while they waited for their new home to be built. 

Eventually, the family ended up staying in a camper at a city park. That's when Bertel encountered a homeless man asking for spare change. 

"I didn't want to engage with him or even look at him because I felt if I looked at him as a person, it'd be like looking at my own reflection," she recalled. 

Bertel said she was embarrassed, so she went back to him and apologized and asked what she could do for him. 

He answered that one of the most simple items, socks, is rarely donated to the local shelters. He said that a pair of socks brings a homeless person not just warmth, but also "dignity and hope."

"I’ve never been touched by God before and I don’t know if I was that day. But I felt like I had landed in the world of Oz and suddenly the world seemed filled with potential."

Watch the full inspirational story on My America With Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Check out The Joy of Sox charity, here.

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