"The O'Reilly Factor" sent Jesse Watters to San Francisco to ask residents and officials about the murder of Kate Steinle and the city's sanctuary policy.

Watters tried to request an interview with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, but instead was directed to speak with his communication's director, Christine Falvey. 

She told Watters that the mayor has already released a statement about this issue.

"Is taking it seriously just sending out a little piece of paper, when someone's murdered because of a policy you support?" Watters asked. "That doesn't sound that serious to me."

Falvey told Watters that Lee is going to "continue to work on this issue and that it should have never happened."

Watters pressed Falvey further, asking specifically how the mayor is going to make sure this doesn't happen again, but Falvey couldn't provide any details. 

"How many dead people does it take?" Watters asked.

Watch the full segment in the video clip above.

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