Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said today that Hillary Clinton was a "cheerleader" for weapons shipments to rebels in Syria and Libya, adding that there is a "very good chance" she lied to Congress about the arms deals. 

Paul joined Bill Hemmer this morning to discuss new reporting by Fox News' Catherine Herridge, which details the arms shipments occurring while Clinton was secretary of state. 

At a Senate hearing in 2013 on the Benghazi attack, Paul pressed Clinton on the reports of arms shipments, and Clinton responded that she had no knowledge of it. 

Paul said many of the weapons - reportedly sent by the United States to Qatar, and then to rebels - may have ended up in the hands of groups that eventually became ISIS.

"Some of the emails coming out about Benghazi indicate that maybe she did know a lot more about this arms trade than she let on," said Paul, raising the possibility that Clinton "lied" before Congress. 

"I think there's a very good chance [she lied]. I think there's no way Hillary Clinton did not know about this. Her private emails show that she was the one supporting arming these people," said Paul. 

He explained that the groups that received these weapons "are not friends of America," noting that ISIS fighters now have a billion dollars worth of American humvees.

Paul also called out Republican "hawks" for supporting the weapons shipments. 

Watch the interview above and read the exclusive report by Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne.

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