A West Virginia man was cited by authorities for keeping two deer - including a six-point buck - as pets in his mobile home for at least a year.

Wildlife officers were called to the Cabell County home by a concerned neighbor on July 4 and discovered the two white-tailed bucks. 

The man, who has not been identified, could face jail time, since it is against the law to keep wild animals as pets in the state. 

A state Division of Natural Resources officer, Joshua Adessa, said the two deer had access to hay in the home. He said the deer appeared to be domesticated and were not afraid of humans. 

Not surprisingly, police said the man's home had sustained some heavy damage inside.

The Charleston Daily Mail reported:

Even though keeping and domesticating wildlife is illegal and dangerous, Adessa said it’s something DNR police frequently see.

“It’s not very uncommon to find a fawn confined within a home or some other animal,” Adessa said. “We’ve seen raccoons and opossums. This is the first time for me, personally, seeing two essentially grown bucks inside of a home.

“It’s never a dull day,” Adessa said with a laugh.