Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke to Bret Baier in a wide-ranging interview about immigration and Hillary Clinton. 

Baier asked Bush if he thinks Clinton's criticism of him being a "flip-flopper" on the issue of immigration is fair.

"Well, Hillary Clinton has been flipping and flopping on immigration for a long, long while," Bush replied. "Here's what I'm for. What I'm for is giving people a path to earn legal status, where they pay a fine; they get a provisional work permit where they work. They don't receive federal government assistance. They learn English and, over an extended period of time, they earn legal status. 

He added that "they don't cut in front of the line of people that have been patiently waiting."

Baier pressed Bush further, asking how his proposal is not "a pathway" to citizenship when they're already here. 

"They earn legal status," Bush replied. "They don't earn citizenship. That's the difference."

Bush stated that Clinton and President Barack both could have fixed this problem when they were senators, but instead they choose to use immigration as a "wedge issue."

Bush promised that he will reach out to Latinos and “offer a lot more hope than what people have gotten in the last six years with this tepid economic recovery."

Watch the "Special Report" video above.

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