School administrators in one Iowa school district will begin wearing body cameras to capture interactions with both students and parents.

Beginning next year, Burlington School District will issue 13 body cameras to principals and assistant principals. 

WPMI reported:

The decision was made to use body cams after accusations surfaced that an administrator kicked a student.

"It could be as simple as he said, she said so let's look at the video, could be something as, hey you did this, let's go back and review and could you have done something better?" said Will Brackett, Supervisor of Technology.

"It'll really show the truth in the situations that come up instead of going off what people say," said Burlington High School senior Jared Gibbons.

The cameras, which cost about $85 each, are small enough to wear on shirts or ties. 

This is one of the first school districts in the country requiring administrators to wear body cameras. 

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