A Texas federal judge is threatening to hold top immigration enforcement officials in contempt of court, after they did not fix the problems that allowed work permits to be mistakenly awarded.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and at least four other officials did not resolve the problems that led to the work permits being mistakenly awarded under the president's executive immigration action after the judge put it on hold. 

The Associated Press reported:

The Justice Department had said about 2,000 individuals were sent three-year work authorizations after U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, Texas, temporarily blocked the immigration action on Feb. 16.

Hanen said in a court order Tuesday that the government has yet to fix the problems and requested Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and four other officials attend an Aug. 19 hearing.

Homeland Security spokeswoman Marsha Catron said in an email that her agency and the Justice Department are reviewing Hanen's order.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slammed the administration's attitude toward immigration tonight on "The Kelly File."

"It seems like this area of the Obama administration believes it is above the law, and does not have to comply with it, and in doing so is putting Americans in harm's way," Abbott stated.

He said that it is "highly unusual" for a judge to order someone of Johnson's level to come into court and answer for their conduct. 

Abbott added that this is only happening because the Obama administration has "disrespectfully disregarded a direct court order."

Watch Abbott's full "Kelly File" interview in the video above. 

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