A former patient of Dr. Farid Fata has a message for the doctor who gave him unnecessary chemotherapy: I hope you rot in jail.

Terry Spurlock is one of 553 patients who were given unnecessary cancer treatments by the Michigan doctor. Prosecutors are seeking a 175-year sentence for Fata, who misdiagnosed healthy patients with cancer and gave unnecessary chemo to patients who were in remission – all to line his pockets.

Doctor to Be Sentenced for Giving Chemo to Cancer-Free Patients

Spurlock was in remission when Fata told him that he would need to endure a lifetime of treatments. The doctor continued to subject Spurlock to chemotherapy, even though he didn’t need it. Spurlock said that all the unnecessary chemo significantly slowed down his immune system.

Spurlock said that he wants to tell Fata, “I hope you rot in jail the rest of your life.” He added that he wishes Fata would live 175 years just so he could feel each and every one of those days in prison.

“Death is too good for him,” he said.