The explosion in violence continued over Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, with 10 people - including a 7-year-old boy - killed in a total of 34 shootings.

Chicago police say 55 people were wounded by gunfire from 3pm Thursday afternoon until dawn on Monday. Thirty people were shot between nightfall Saturday and dawn on Sunday.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the bullet that struck 7-year-old Amari Brown in the chest "was meant for his father," a "ranking gang member" who's been arrested 45 times.

Shootings have increased 47 percent in 2015 compared to last year in the city.

Eric Bolling discussed the rising tide of black-on-black crime with the Manhattan Institute's Heather MacDonald and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. 

Clarke said the weekend numbers sound like casualty figures that you would have heard about during the Iraq War. 

He said the city's problems stem from "failed social engineering experiments that are masquerading as criminal justice and prison reform."

Clarke said in many big cities, there is a "revolving door" where criminals are taken into custody, but end up back on the streets.

"The police go out, they get the bad guys off the street. They put them into the criminal justice system and then the criminal justice system has a revolving door where they spit them out with low bail - with deferred prosecutions - back into these struggling communities to claim more victims," said Clarke, adding that the policies are discriminatory because the victims are "good, law-abiding black people."

Bolling, also asked about the "new wave of resisting arrest," referencing a recent video showing a fistfight between an officer and a suspect in New York City.

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