Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that Donald Trump's comments are "distracting" the country from dealing with the real issues surrounding illegal immigration. 

“The problem is border security is a very legitimate issue, illegal immigration is a very serious issue,” Rubio told Neil Cavuto. “What’s happened now is he has made some other comments that are less responsible. And those comments are now what everyone is focused on.”

The 2016 GOP presidential candidate added that Trump's remarks "distract from the very serious debate on hand and that is this - we have a broken legal immigration system and an illegal immigration problem that isn’t just composed by the way of a porous border with Mexico.”

Rubio said that 40 percent of illegal immigrants in America are "coming legally, [but] they are overstaying visas."

“We should be focused on that, and we should not through outrageous comments, let off the hook those people that don’t want to have that debate,” Rubio added. “All they do is focus on what Trump said and distract from the real issue, which is the fact that we have legal immigration laws that are not being enforced.”

Rubio also discussed the president's push to normalize relations with Cuba.

He said the Cuban government "is a tyrannical regime." 

Watch the "Your World" segment in the video above.

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