Rick Perry reacted on "Hannity" tonight to the controversial statements made by Donald Trump. 

The 2016 GOP presidential candidate told Sean Hannity he is critical of the "disrespectful language" that Trump used. 

"For 14 years I was the governor of the state with [a] 1,200 mile border with Mexico," Perry stated. "I understand exactly what’s going on and all of the people of the state of Texas, whether they’re Anglo, or African-American, or Hispanic want to see that border secure."

He asserted that the "conversation" needs to stay focused on securing the border.

"Not making rhetoric that is hyperbolic ... [Trump] knew exactly what he was doing with those statements," Perry said.

Perry stated that "we have been screaming at the top of our lungs, in this state, for a long time about Washington not doing their Constitutional duty to secure that border."

"I mean, you saw it Sean. You and I together, you saw what we were capable of doing on that border," Perry added. "The problem is, that’s not the state’s responsibility, that’s the federal government’s responsibility. And you have an administration and a Congress, I will add, that have not done their job."

Watch more of Perry in the "Hannity" video clip above.

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