A scene that looked straight out of Disney’s “Up” has landed a Canadian man in trouble with the law.

Police were not too impressed with 26-year-old Daniel Boria, who attached 110 balloons to a lawn chair and soared above Calgary before ditching the lawn chair and parachuting back down.

Boria was arrested and charged with mischief causing danger to life for the sky-high publicity stunt, intended to draw attention to his cleaning company, All Clean Natural.


Boria – who had a GPS and an oxygen tank with him – had planned to parachute into the Calgary Stampede, but missed the grounds and landed in a nearby field, spraining his ankle in the process.

Boria, who said he spent about $20,000 on the stunt, described the experience as incredible.

“It was the most surreal experience you can ever imagine. I was just by myself on a $20 lawn chair up in the sky above the clouds,” he told CBC News.

Insp. Kyle Grant said that a publicity stunt is not worth risking a life and said that a lot could have gone wrong.

He added, “It probably would have been cheaper to get a billboard.”

The chair and the balloons have not yet landed.

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