The 11-foot-long alligator that killed a man in southeast Texas has reportedly been shot dead. 

According to KHOU-TV, authorities confirmed through an autopsy that the 400-pound dead gator was the same one that killed 28-year-old Tommie Woodward.



Authorities in Orange, Texas, are investigating the gator's killing, since it is against the law to kill an alligator. It's unclear who shot the alligator.

Woodward died of drowning, but also lost part of his left arm in the attack at the marina last week. 

According to reports, Woodward was at a bar at 2:30am local time last Friday when he jumped in the water.

The marina had recently posted a sign, warning people not to go in the water because of alligator sightings.



Police said Woodward was with a woman at the bar when he decided to jump in.

When notified of the danger, he reportedly said, "F*** that alligator." 

The attack occurred immediately after Woodward jumped in, authorities said. The woman also jumped in to try to save him, but was unsuccessful and called for help.

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