"The O'Reilly Factor" sent Jesse Watters to Long Beach in New York, where he quizzed beachgoers about America's quest for independence.

You can't help but shake your head at some of the eyebrow-raising answers Jesse received to some of the most American history questions one can ask. 

Watch the hilarious clip above, and see our favorite answers below.

First president? Hint: he's on the quarter.

"I don't look at quarters."

What does July 4th commemorate?

"Thanking like, the people who served. Well, that's more Memorial Day."

Who did we declare our independence from?

"I am not a history buff."

Do you remember the name of the king we kicked to the curb?

"King Arthur?"

Nope, not King Tut.

Do you remember what year we declared independence?

"1973 was it?"

What was the war called where we declared our independence?

"World War II." 

"The Renaissance?"

O'Reilly asked after the segment whether some of the respondents ever beg Watters not to put their ridiculous answers on TV. 

Watters said some people do that, but other people who get everything wrong still want to know when the show will air.

Overall, he said most people just seem excited that they're going to be on TV. 

Watch the full Watters' World above, and tune in Mondays at 8/11p ET on "The O'Reilly Factor" for more from Watters.

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