Greg Gutfeld reacted to reporters being roped off by the Clinton campaign during a July Fourth parade in New Hampshire.

He asserted that "Hillary doesn't care for borders, unless they're around reporters." 

Gutfeld stated initially reporters were allowed to "mull around this rarely seen political Sasquatch," but then were "herded away like pimply-faced One Direction fans, as if their unimportance was as contagious as herpes."

He remarked that the scene resembled a "rodeo without saddles."

"But do you blame Hillary?" Gutfeld asked. "Hearing the press complain about being pulled by a rope, is a little rich after being happily lassoed for seven years by captain awesome."

He added the Democratic presidential candidate should expect nothing less "than a pack of leashed puppies around her ankles since the press already tows her gender-rich line."

"See, the press is secretly grateful that they're being kept at a distance" Gutfeld stated. "It's exactly what they need to keep them from doing their job."

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