Kim Kardashian West has denied tabloid reports that she and husband Kanye West used only male embryos during her IVF treatments.

After the reality star announced that she and West were expecting a second baby boy, reports claimed that the couple chose the sex. 

"Fox and Friends" asked this morning whether the so-called "designer baby" trend is going too far and where the line should be drawn. 

New York Post columnist Naomi Schaefer Riley said most people draw a line at "finding out about genetic abnormalities."

"Not only with Kim Kardashian, but with lots of other women, they are drawing the line closer to choosing the sex of the baby. It's easy to see how you can get much closer to choosing hair color or trying to manipulate the intelligence or other characteristics. That is much more worrisome," she said.

Dr. Lauren Streicher, an OBGYN at Northwestern University, pointed out that a very small segment of the overall population is actually attempting to alter the characteristics of their baby. 

"Most parents want a healthy baby and they don't care if it's a boy or a girl," she said. 

Streicher said women have been choosing sperm donors for a long time. 

"If you have a choice between the Ph.D architect versus the convicted felon who didn't make it past eighth grade, most women and men are going to pick the better quality sperm, if you will," said Streicher.

Watch the discussion above and let us know your thoughts on this issue.

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