New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) ripped Hillary Clinton this morning for what he sees as her repeated attempts to avoid the media.

Clinton's campaign was criticized on Saturday after reporters tweeted images of rope lines being used to separate members of the media from the former First Lady as she walked in a parade in New Hampshire.

Some called out Clinton for literally using "lassos" to keep the press away as she greeted supporters on the Fourth of July. 

Christie called it "outrageous," adding that he's "never seen a political candidate who wants to have such little contact with people."

He said if he is nominated by the Republican Party, he will "make it clear" in the general election that Clinton refuses to answer questions.

Christie said Clinton needs to "be careful" in her bid for the nomination, as liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to draw big crowds in places like New Hampshire and Wisconsin. 

"She took a wildly liberal senator too lightly in 2008 and she wound up being secretary of state rather than president," he said, adding that if a Republican roped off the media as she did, there would be a "riot."

Christie said he has no worries about getting into the top 10 for the primetime Republican debate on Fox News on August 6. Those polling outside the top 10 will participate in an afternoon forum, also televised by Fox News.