A 7-year-old boy was one of 10 people shot and killed over the holiday weekend in Chicago. 

Chicago police say that 54 people were wounded by gunfire in 34 separate incidents during the Fourth of July weekend. 

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the bullet that struck Amari Brown in the chest "was meant for his father," who is a "ranking gang member" that's been arrested 45 times. 

Shootings have increased 47 percent in 2015 compared to last year in the city. 

Former civil rights leader Joe Hicks and The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens weighed in on "The Kelly File" tonight about the situation in Chicago.  

Hicks questioned why haven't "the usual activists" protested against the violence in Chicago, specifically mentioning those involved with the "black lives matter" movement. 

Stephens agreed with Hicks, adding that their movement isn't having the "right echo" in the country. 

Watch "The Kelly File" video clip above.

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