Charles Krauthammer sounded off about Hillary Clinton's latest campaign event.

While Clinton walked and talked to potential voters at a Fourth of July parade in New Hampshire, reporters were roped off, which limited how close they could get to Clinton.  

"I think this image is more of a statement about the press than it is about Hillary," he stated. "The idea of them being corralled like a bunch of lowing cows and going along with it."

Krauthammer stated that he thinks "this is a fake campaign."

"This is a woman, this is a candidate who's going to be the nominee," he explained. "We all know it."

Krauthammer asserted that Clinton has to go through a "ritual of actually campaigning." 

"There is no campaign, there's not going to be a debate, there isn't a challenge," he concluded. "So she's stuck for these 15 or so months pretending to be a candidate and what you get are pretend events."

Watch the "Special Report" video clip above.

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