The woman known as the "Serial Stowaway" has struck again. 

Marilyn Hartman was arrested twice at two different airports within 48 hours after being released from jail on Thursday. She had spent nearly two months behind bars for trying to board planes without a ticket. 

Police first arrested the 63-year-old woman at Midway International Airport on Friday and then again at O'Hare International Airport on Saturday. 

Read more from WMAQ:

Hartman was charged with one count of misdemeanor reckless conduct for causing a "disturbance" inside the cabin of a Southwest Airlines plane leaving Midway around 5 p.m., according to Chicago Police News Affairs. Authorities did not say what kind of disturbance Hartman caused, but they say she did have a ticket to board the plane.

The Southwest Airlines plane was headed for LaGuardia Airport, officials said.

She was caught again at O'Hare Saturday afternoon in Terminal One. Hartman was charged with criminal trespassing to state land and violation of bail bond, which she was given Friday after the disturbance at Midway, according to Chicago Police News Affairs.

Hartman was nicknamed the "serial stowaway" after she made five attempts to get past security at O'Hare and Midway Airports in late April and early May. She was arrested twice at O'Hare, and a third time at Midway May 3. As she left the jail, she insisted her stowaway days are over.

It is not known if Hartman has an attorney.

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