A 9-year-old boy amazingly caught and released an estimated 600-pound sturgeon and there's video to prove it. 

Kegan Rothman conquered the feat while on vacation with his father, Dan, at the Great River Fishing Adventures in British Columbia.

The 4-foot tall New Jersey boy told Clayton Morris on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today, that he landed the great white sturgeon after an almost two-hour battle with the fish. 

"It was really hard," Kegan shared. "At first I was really excited to reel some of it in, then I got real tired." 

His father, who has 30 years of experience on the water, added that he's never seen anything like that.

Morris asked Kegan what he thought when he brought the fish to the surface.

"Boy if I release this, I'm throwing back a lot of fish sticks," Kegan replied. 

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" video above and check out the video below of Kegan catching the monster fish. 

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