A retired Marine is being called a hero after he jumped into action to thwart a robbery inside of a 7-Eleven store.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" today, Curtis Jackson, a retired Marine who is now a New York City sanitation worker, explained how the potentially deadly situation unfolded.

Jackson said he went into a Manhattan 7-Eleven store to use the restroom before beginning his shift, when he noticed that the cashier had his hands in the air. He said a man was standing in front of the cashier, holding onto something that looked like a gun in his blazer pocket. 

"A lot of things ran through my mind in that split second and I didn't want to be another victim along with the cashier, because the cashier was already a victim," Jackson stated. "...I didn't want to be a victim."

Surveillance footage shows Jackson sneaking down one of the store aisles to get behind the robber. Jackson then lunged for the man's arm to try and grab what he thought was a gun, and pushed him against the wall. 

Jackson said he told the man to stop moving and that when the man didn't follow his directions, he pinned him on the ground.

Jackson restrained the robber until police arrived to the scene.  He shared that his training as a Marine helped him tremendously in this situation.

Watch the video above.

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