On "Fox News Sunday" today, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accused Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) of politicizing the country's national security. 

Christie said Paul is wrong about the National Security Agency's mass surveillance program.

"He's wrong and what he's done has made America weaker and more vulnerable," Christie stated. "And he's done it and then cut his speeches and put them on the Internet to raise money off of them. He's politicizing America's national security." 

Shannon Bream asked the 2016 GOP presidential candidate if he thinks Paul "doesn't genuinely hold those positions."

"I have no idea," Christie replied. "But I know what he did with his positions after he made them and he used them to raise money off the Internet and it's wrong. And his position is wrong. And he wouldn’t know that his position's wrong, because he's never had the responsibility to do it."

Christie explained that unlike Paul, he has had the responsibility to do it.

"I've had to review applications under the Patriot Act, under Section 215," he said. "I know what it's like to interact with the FISA court. The fact is that we can do this and protect civil liberties."

Christie asserted that "Paul's conduct" has made the American people "weaker and more vulnerable to [an] attack."

Watch the video above.

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