On "Fox and Friends Weekend" today, Ann Coulter fired back at critics who slammed her immigration stance.

Coulter said that "going into this weekend, the media was consumed with stories" about Americans being on the lookout for ISIS terror attacks or shark attacks at beaches. 

"I will bet you by the end of the weekend, more Americans will have been killed by Mexicans than by ISIS or by sharks," she stated. 

Tucker Carlson also asked Coulter what she thinks of Republicans' responses to Donald Trump's controversial immigration comments. 

Coulter replied stating that "Republicans have fallen for this same con for decades," where Democrats persuade them that to win elections, they must focus on cutting off some small slice of a "traditionally liberal constituency."

"Whether it’s feminists, the abortion ladies, the gun hysterics," Coulter added. "...Now they’re obsessed with getting the Hispanic vote."

She stated that "Democrats don't do anything like that."

"They don’t spend their time figuring out, how do we get more of Evangelical Christians to vote for us, how do we get a little bit more of the gun rights supporters to vote for us," Coulter said. "They don’t do that, so maybe it’s not such a good strategy, but also it just repeatedly doesn’t work."

Watch the full segment in the video above.

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