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On a brand new episode of "The Greg Gutfeld Show," Greg Gutfeld takes on a doctor to debate the reported health risks associated with electronic cigarettes

The devices, which heat a nicotine solution to create a vapor, have surpassed traditional cigarettes in popularity among many adults and teenagers.

In recent months, a number of cities across the country have banned the use of e-cigarettes in public places. Also, schools in New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington and Connecticut are treating e-cigarettes as drug paraphernalia, which carries harsher penalties, including suspensions. 

Gutfeld explained to Dr. Nina Radcliff why he thinks e-cigarettes are being viewed negatively by some people. He said to some critics, it looks like the person is smoking and it can be "confusing."

"It's like being mad at somebody for drinking bottled water because it looks like vodka," he argued.

Radcliff said the popularity of e-cigarettes is growing faster than the medical knowledge is coming in. She added that there has been research which shows e-cigarettes can expose people to secondhand smoke.  

Gutfeld countered that there isn't any research that shows that. 

"There's no secondhand smoke. There is no smoke. It's a vapor," Gutfeld told Radcliff. 

"Once you find out it's safe, are you going to come out and apologize and say it was a mistake?" Gutfeld asked. 

Radcliff told Gutfeld that she disagrees with him on many levels. 

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