This July 4th, the nation's largest American flag hangs from America's busiest bridge. Fox News' Jenna Lee got to take an up close and personal look at Old Glory. 

After World War II, the flag started to fly on Veterans Day and other national holidays on the George Washington Bridge — which connects New York and New Jersey. 

The bridge boasts the largest free-flying flag in the world – it’s 60 by 90 feet and weighs less than 500 pounds.

Port Authority electrician Chris Bonanno said that the flag would cover a full-sized basketball court. He also explained that one star on the flag is about 3 feet tall. That means Bonanno's height is the equivalent of two stars, while Jenna measures just one-and-a-half.

Jenna really wanted to understand the height and marvel of the flag, so she walked out onto one of the bridge's beams to get a better perspective. 

Watch the video above to hear more about the flag and to see Jenna stand right above the spot where Old Glory flies on special days.