A school custodian just got the surprise of a lifetime. 

Brenda Hurst has been the lead custodian at Boiling Springs High School in Boiling Springs, South Carolina for the last 20 years. Last year, the home where she grew up and lived with her brother burned down. It had been in her family since it was built in the 1900s. 

Students from the school and community members teamed up with Carpenters for Christ to build and furnish a new home for Hurst. 

This morning on "Fox and Friends Weekend," a former student, Drew Peden, and Hurst talked to Clayton Morris about the emotional surprise.

"It was awesome, I just thank God for what he's done and for Boiling Springs High School and for all the students, businesses, Carpenters for Christ," Hurst shared. "I just thank God for everything."

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Peden explained that when students heard about Hurst losing her home, they knew immediately that they had to build a new one.

"Ms. Brenda is really special to the school, because she always has a smile on her face," Peden said. "She's always that caring person, you know when somebody's just having a bad day, she's always the first person to run up to them and give them a hug. She's always there. She's at every sporting event ... going crazy. She's just the life of Boiling Springs High School."

Hurst added that the only thing that survived the fire was her Bible.

"The top was burnt, the bottom was burnt, but everything else on the inside was still intact," she said. "I give God the praise and the glory for that."

Watch the heartwarming video above.