Uncle Sam’s living relatives were on “Fox and Friends” this morning to discuss their link to the man who became an iconic symbol of United States patriotism.

Helen Painter explained that her family first discovered that they were linked to Uncle Sam through her grandmother. Painter's grandmother was the granddaughter of Marion Wilson, and Wilson was the granddaughter of  Samuel Wilson, the meat packer from Troy, N.Y. – known today as Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam’s direct descendant, Trey Hauptmann, an active-duty naval officer, was also on "Fox and Friends."

He described his service to his country as “second nature.”

“We all have our part. We all have our one thing to do, whether it's handing out a Band-Aid or serving chow in the chow line or actually out there on the front line. It's one part of a bigger cog of a bigger machine, and we're just here to do that one part,” Hauptmann said.

Watch the video above to hear more about Uncle Sam’s relatives.

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