Rudy Giuliani said this morning that the ISIS threat could be eliminated within "six months" if the U.S. military is deployed.

The former New York City mayor discussed the heightened terror alert with Martha MacCallum. Officials have warned in recent days that ISIS followers may look to attack Americans on the Fourth of July weekend. 

Giuliani said authorities cannot be right "100 percent of the time," which is why he says Obama must focus on destroying ISIS once and for all.

"I believe, if the U.S. wanted to, in six months we could take out ISIS completely. ... ISIS is a threat that a good president, with the military we have, would take out in six months," said Giuliani. 

He argued that Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John McCain wanted to send U.S. Special Forces into Syria three years ago to cut this thing off" at the beginning.

Giuliani credited the offensive strategy of President Bush for keeping the country safe after 9/11, recalling that New York City was warned to brace for additional attacks. 

"Whatever you think of President Bush, I happen to love him, this man kept us safe. Those people who got hurt and died, they kept us safe. When you're fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, you can't be planning attacks on the Mall of America," said Giuliani.

He said the U.S. strategy under Obama has been to pull out of the Middle East and rely on drone strikes to kill terrorists. Giuliani said this strategy is depriving U.S. authorities of "valuable intelligence" as they try to prevent an ISIS attack.

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