A Tennessee man is raising money for a second wedding after a near-fatal car crash erased his wife's memory of their first one.

Jeremy and Justice Stamper are high school sweethearts who first met at Sunday school when they were 11 and 10. Jeremy proposed to Justice in front of their entire congregation back in 2012, and they were married at Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia on Aug. 1, 2014. 

But 19 days later, Justice was nearly killed in a car accident. Jeremy said that his wife suffered memory loss and can no longer recall their wedding day or the five weeks leading up to it.

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“She didn’t even know we were married,” Jeremy wrote on his GoFundMe page.

Jeremy set out to raise $5,000 to hold another wedding on their first anniversary next month. He has already surpassed his goal, thanks to more than 200 generous donors. 

He explained on GoFundMe that he’s fundraising so he and his wife can reminisce about the wedding without either of them getting upset.

You can donate to the Stamper wedding here.

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