Greg Gutfeld tonight said that ISIS terrorists can kill scores of women and children because America lets them.

He slammed America’s nonintervention as “less a stance than it is a slumber” following reports that ISIS executed 74 children for “crimes” like refusing to fast during Ramadan.

“Why hasn’t ISIS killed 74 of our kids? Don’t worry, they’re working on it,” Gutfeld warned.

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Gutfeld said that America’s current strategy is to mock the terror group’s success in an effort to hinder its propaganda.

“But it’s like turning off the TV because your team is getting clobbered – the score remains the same,” he said.

Gutfeld wondered whether the administration’s response to ISIS is about inept strategy or lack of will.

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“Does the White House really think ISIS is all that bad? Well it would depend upon their carbon footprint,” he quipped.