Former "Dukes of Hazzard" actor Ben "Cooter" Jones lambasted TV Land this morning after the network canceled reruns of the iconic program. 

The network did not explain why it nixed the twice-a-day reruns of the 1980s series. 

But the show has recently been called out for its depiction of the Confederate flag, which is prominently displayed on the roof of the General Lee

Jones said the controversy over the Confederate flag has gone too far, noting that people of all ethnicities "loved" the show. 

He called out "sanctimonious left-wing special interests" for driving the decision by Viacom, which owns TV Land.

Jones argued that Viacom has broadcast "some of the sleaziest trash" on TV over the years, including reality shows like "Jersey Shore."

"This is like the book burning in Nazi Germany or something. This sweeping cultural cleansing that they're doing. It's got to stop," he said. 

Jones directed supporters to the Cooter's Place Facebook page to sign a petition asking Viacom to reverse its decision. 

Last week, Jones made a forceful defense of the Confederate flag on "Fox and Friends," saying the vast majority of people who fly the flag are not racists.

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