Greg Gutfeld reacted to a new study that found people feel less anxious and angry by watching Internet cat videos. 

The new study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, found that people get more energy and chase away negative emotions by watching cat videos. 

Gutfeld noted that it's obvious when people look at "cute things" it makes them feel good. 

"But did it ever occur to you, that the anxiety and anger those videos might block, is meant to be experienced?" Gutfeld asked. "For example, does looking at cat videos make you feel better than paying your bills? Or cutting those overgrown shrubs? Do they bring more bliss than reading a book, or doing anything constructive?"

He stated that he's not bashing cat videos, just simply reminding people that "only productive work brings real satisfaction."

"It's a huge error to think what feels good actually does good," Gutfeld said. "Activities that demand effort and attention create something more important than happiness. It's called satisfaction, which you don't get from the unlimited faucets of cat videos, pornography, or Netflix binges."

Gutfeld asserted that "disciplined activity creates a disciplined life." 

Watch the video above to hear "The Five" panel discuss this new study. 

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