A former Islamic extremist weighed in on "The Kelly File" tonight about the 4th of July terror threat. 

Morten Storm is a former Danish gangster who turned to radical Islam and joined Al Qaeda in Yemen. He tried to join jihadists fighting in Somalia, before he changed courses and became a CIA informant. 

Megyn Kelly asked Storm how important it would be for ISIS to hit Americans in the homeland. 

"There's two issues here, first of all it's Ramadan," Storm replied. "We know from the ... spokesman from ISIS, that they are warning and promising more attacks ... The other one is obviously having national holidays, that's something where people are supposed to celebrate it."

He said these terrorists will do everything they can to ruin that.

"They will try to terrorize people mentally, so they are actually scared before anything happens," Storm stated.

He added that ISIS will "stop at nothing."

"They are ready and willing to die for the cause," Storm told Kelly.  

Watch more in the video above.

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