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Donald Trump said on "Fox Business Network" today that Hillary Clinton's private emails remain a "potential disaster" for her presidential campaign. 

The State Department released 3,000 more pages of Clinton's emails late last night. Fox News' Chris Stirewalt says that the latest batch of emails do not contain a "smoking gun," but are also far from "exculpatory."

The second data dump represents only about 7% of Clinton's emails from her time as secretary of state. More releases are expected in the months ahead.

Trump weighed in via phone this morning, telling Maria Bartiromo that if he is the Republican candidate, he will focus on the email scandal "much stronger than anyone else."

"She's got some really big problems with lots of different things. I really believe the emails are a potential disaster for Hillary," said Trump, noting the surge by Bernie Sanders in recent polls. 

"I'm drawing big crowds [in New Hampshire], he's drawing big crowds. There's a lot of talk about him. ... If you remember years ago, Barack Obama. Nobody heard of him and all of a sudden he started drawing crowds and Hillary lost. So, I'm not sure she gets the nomination," he said.

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