Would you sign a petition to ban the American flag?

Social critic Mark Dice asked beachgoers in San Diego, Calif. to sign a fake petition to get rid of the American flag – with some surprising results.

In a video posted to YouTube, Dice told people that the American flag is associated with imperialism and racism. He asked them if they’d be in favor of banning Old Glory and issuing a new flag.

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The video was all part of a social experiment. Dice said he wanted to see if “politically correct millennials” would sign the petition, and “quite stunningly,” they did!

“These millennials have been indoctrinated by their communist college professors, indoctrinated by the liberal media, poisoned by today’s pop culture into really being ashamed of America and so afraid to be politically incorrect that … they are now willing to replace, ban the American flag, issue a new flag,” Dice said.

Watch his interview above, and see the YouTube video below.

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