Four teenagers say they believe they encountered New York state prison escapee David Sweat shortly before he was shot and captured by police. 

Evan King, Alicia Howard, and brothers Patrick and Conor Gordon talked to Steve Doocy this morning about their tip that may have led authorities to Sweat hours later. 

The teens were out for a 2:30am McDonald's run on Sunday when they drove past a man walking down the road with a bike at his side.

Patrick Gordon said the man "looked suspicious," but the teens still decided to turn around and ask "if he was alright."

"He said, 'I need a ride' and we kinda just drove off," said Gordon.

Conor said the teens' "holy crap" moment came shortly thereafter and King called police about the sighting. 

It hasn't been confirmed yet that Sweat was the man along the road. If it was Sweat, the teens could be eligible for the $100,000 reward.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, who joined in the manhunt, told the Watertown Daily Times that a tip came in from teens about a "guy riding a bicycle" before Sweat was captured.

Gordon said he lives just a quarter-mile from the Canadian border, in the area where Sweat was captured.

Sweat was apprehended by police Sunday afternoon when a state police officer spotted him walking along a road in Constable, New York, just a mile-and-a-half from the border.

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