On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer said that Gov. Chris Christie's moment to run for president was four years ago.

Christie announced earlier today that he's running for president in 2016 and promised a spin-free campaign. 

Krauthammer stated that Christie is "all personality."

"That's what he's selling, that's who he is," he stated. "It's not the policies, it's not the successes ... [Being] governor of New Jersey is very hard to do when you're a Republican in a Democrat dominated state." 

Krauthammer further noted that Christie's approval numbers are down in his home state.

"His moment was four years ago when he was fresh, brash, it was just something about him," Krauthammer shared. "He was the candidate everybody wanted - the anti-Mitt Romney."

Krauthammer added that the "buzz" and "excitement" surrounding Christie is gone.

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