In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly questioned if conservatives are losing ground in America. 

"The Factor" host asserted that "social power" has shifted to the left because of  "organization."

"The far left is dominating the Internet and the entertainment industry, including the journalistic media," O'Reilly stated. "Outside of talk radio and Fox News, there are few non-liberal voices heard nationwide."

He said that "the intensity of the far left is almost frightening."

"So conservative Americans find themselves somewhat demoralized as they see the Supreme Court siding with the left and the national news media promoting liberal causes on a daily basis," O'Reilly explained.

He asserted that some of the blame for that falls on conservatives themselves.

"The hard truth is that unless traditional Americans begin to unite, they will continue to lose power," O'Reilly remarked.

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