A former Clinton Correctional Facility inmate went "On The Record" to discuss what's next for the New York prison escapee that was captured by authorities yesterday.

David Sweat was shot near the Canadian border, and captured by police alive yesterday. Escaped convict Richard Matt, 48, was shot and killed by a border patrol agent on Friday in a remote area of Franklin County, N.Y.

Former convict Louis Ferrante served time at the prison the killers escaped from. He told Greta Van Susteren that he thinks Sweat will be sent to a different prison to serve the rest of his sentence. 

"If they did send him back to Dannemora, it would only be sort of like a symbolic reason to say you're getting stuck back where you started," Ferrante stated. "I don't think they're going to do that. I don't even think they'd get away with it for that reason."

He also said too many mistakes were made at the Clinton Correctional Facility, in terms of how the men were able to escape. 

Van Susteren also asked Ferrante which prison is the worst in the state of New York. 

"Clinton Dannemora is one of the worst, that's bad," he replied. "You're dealing with guys that have nothing to lose and that's what makes it so dangerous for the other convicts or the prison workers."

Watch the video above.

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