Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) appeared on "Special Report" today to discuss a wide-range of issues, including the nationwide legalization of gay marriage.

Jindal said that's he's not going to stop fighting to keep "marriage between a man and a woman." 

"My Christian faith teaches me marriage is between a man and a woman," Jindal stated.

He said that religious liberty is going to be the next fight. 

"Already Christian businesses are facing discrimination if they don't want to participate in wedding ceremonies that violate their sincerely held beliefs," Jindal said. "We need to stand up for our First Amendment rights. The court trumped our 10th Amendment rights by overturning states' decisions."

He added that "the left wants our First Amendment rights." 

The 2016 presidential hopeful shared that "he doesn't think people should be forced by their government to participate in a wedding ceremony that violates their beliefs." 

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